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Benefits of Massage

What are some of the benefits of massage?
Massage has both physical and mental benefits, some of which are:

*Improved blood circulation which delivers much needed oxygen and nutrients to the cells in our tight and tense muscles

*Much needed relaxation in our busy and hectic lives 

*Improved digestion function

*Relief from headaches, tension, and eyestrain

*Can boost and strengthen the immune system

* Relief from insomnia, improved sleep

*Prevents or relieves post exercise soreness and helps in the rehabilitation process

*Increases endorphins

*Reduced mental and physical fatigue

*Relief of stress which lowers blood pressure, respiration and heart rate

*Reduces the levels of stress hormones (like adrenaline and cortisol)

*Relaxes muscles and increases joint range of motion 

*Reduced spasms and cramping

*Gives a renewed sense of wellbeing and aids in general relaxation

*Brings about a greater awareness of what is going on in your body

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